Контроллеры зажигания MOTORTECH MIC4 для газовых двигателей MWM/DEUTZ

7 июля, 2021by admin


Based on the MIC4 series, MOTORTECH produces a special version as a replacement for the TEM-ZS1 and TEM-ZS3 ignition system use on MWM / DEUTZ gas engines. Designed as an Exchange device, the MIC4-ZS enables a quick conversion without great effort.

In addition to the MIC4-ZS ignition controller, the prepared conversion kits include the required high-performance ignition coils. Pre-chamber spark plugs or spark plug leads can be re-used, as these ignition coils have the same secondary connections as the original ones. The ignition coils-designed for MOTORTECH ignition controllers with MOST technology – guarantee the ideal performance support, especially when it comes to alternative combustibles with alternating or relatively low fuel value, e.g. biogas, mine gas, woodgas, sewage gas, landfill gas, etc.